Independent IT Assessment

Our client had very rapidly grown their organisation from small a professional services firm to a mid-sized business over just a few years through both acquisition and organic growth.  The board and executive management were concerned that their IT provider had not kept up with the changing circumstances and were no longer delivering to their requirements cost effectively.

An independent review of the IT service experience considered if the Information Technology was capable of meeting the growing businesses expectation and the increasingly digital future. IT costs were compared against benchmarks and the organisations IT risk profile was examined and considered against organisations with a similar context.

Independent IT Strategy Review

Beyond Technology was engaged by a Queensland based University to undertake a business focused strategic review of the IT function, to prepare for the development of a formal strategic plan for the next 5 years.  The scope of the review was strategic in nature and primarily internally focussed on IT Services.  Core IT aspects of infrastructure, applications, service delivery and end-user experience were assessed to understand the environment, governance, strategic planning

Independent IT Review

Queensland based Independent, Anglican, Day and Boarding School for girls from Pre-Prep to Year 12 was seeking and independent review of its ICT Operations.

Telecoms Strategy Case Study

A large national Childcare and preschool operator engaged Beyond Technology Consulting to undertake a capability gap assessment and develop a new Telecommunications Strategy.

Professional Field Services Group

Situation: The organisations existing mobility strategy was not capable of delivering on the available business efficiency improvements and support the growing need to support organisational decision making with real time analytics. Assistance was being sort in identifying the efficiency improvement opportunity through the deployment of a current generation field services mobility platform and what integration dependencies this would have with the existing SAP ERP.

Independent IT Review

Situation: The organisation was happy with its IT service delivery but concerned about business risk associated with its support arrangement. As part of appropriate governance practices the board requested an independent IT review and Vendor Assessment.

Franchisee Group

Situation: The organisations success had seen exponential growth and the organisations IT strategy needed to be updated to support the new scale demands of the organisation and also prepare it for its next stage of growth.