Enterprise Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience is a term that has evolved in recent times to capture the required response to both the businesses growing critical reliance on
Information Technology and the danger posed by the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Enterprise Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience Assessment

Our consultants work with the organisation to ensure that critical business processes are clearly identified and their technical dependencies understood. We then assess the vulnerabilities of both these dependencies and the broader IT operations including that of 3rd party providers. Finally we assess the organisations plans and operational capabilities to respond to malicious, accidental or operational failure of technology supporting these critical business processes. The report then provides an assessment of the organisations Cyber Maturity and gives actionable advice on how to reduce your organisations cyber resilience risk.

Cyber Resilience Strategy Development

Once we have a clear understanding of your organisations existing Cyber Resilience and technology operational capabilities we will develop a multi-horizon strategy to evolve your IT functions cyber resilience maturity. This strategy will take into account your current position, available skills and resources and appropriate change velocity given the broader organisational context. Based on appropriate industry practice and seeking to deliver rapid pragmatic improvements where possible the strategy will provide a roadmap for changes to your operational approach and priorities to align to the identified gaps and requirements.

Enterprise Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience Action Planning

IT Excellence is only achieved through deliberate actions and planning, however the journey needs to be achieved through a series of achievable pragmatic steps of improvement. Understanding the difference between the ideal future state operational vision for your IT function, and the top 5 priorities that need to be actioned now is often a material challenge for organisations. Our Cyber Resilience Action Planning seeks to provide assistance by identifying immediate priorities and dependencies for your improvement roadmap.

It is no longer appropriate to treat Cyber Security and operational resilience separately and IT organisations need to evolve their operations strategy to address both issues in unison.

Beyond Technology Consulting can assist organisations to plan and improve their Cyber Resilience with our "Actionable Advice" focused engagements.

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Our business outcomes

Beyond Technology advise businesses on how to optimise the use of IT to achieve business outcomes.

Beyond Technology Consulting has several ways to help CFO’s and CIO’s to improve their organisation’s balance sheet. Our consultants are highly skilled in identifying how to optimise your IT costs to ensure that you are taking advantage of the technology available to your organisation.

Many organisations carry a significant IT failure risk without understanding either the potential or consequences of failure. Quantifying the latent risk, and taking steps to mitigate it not only makes good business sense, it often provides significant improvement in the efficiency and availability of “business as usual” IT service.

With the growing demands on IT departments it can be all too easy to focus on rapidly expanding capability and addressing the day-to-day challenges of running the technology. Properly aligning IT to direct business requirements, while improving the communication channels between IT and the business delivers massive efficiency and capability improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In most professions where information is asymmetric (i.e. the professional could take advantage of knowing more about the subject that they are advising you on) such as Lawyers and Doctors, the governing body can deregister the professional as stop them from practicing. This does not happen with Technology professionals so conflict of interest is a critical problem. Similarly when a technologist is heavily invested in one specific technology it often becomes their go-to solution (to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail). By Maintaining our independence, Beyond Technology Consulting ensures that you are provided with unbiased and actionable advice that you can trust is free from conflict of interest and be assured that we are not monetising the advice that we provide you.

"Actionable Advice" is accessible, accurate and is advice that is provided in a language and manner that does not require technical qualifications to understand. We ensure that our recommendations are fit-for-purpose with an understanding of the context of your organisation to be both affordable and achievable.

We focus on understanding the core requirements of the business so that our advice is based on your requirements not the avaliable technology. This ensures that you don't end up with a solution looking for a problem and ensures that technology outcomes will grow with your business and flex with changes in the technology.

We focus on understanding the core requirements of the business so that our advice is based on your requirements not the avaliable technology. This combined with a bias towards flexible technology solutions helps to provide technology outcomes that will grow with your business and flex with changes in the technology.

There are two key reasons that organisations don't undertake regular independent technology reviews. Firstly many boards and executive don't know that organisations like Beyond Technology Consulting exist and they are left thinking that the only options are IT Audits that are provided by the big accounting firms that don't provide any answers or actionable advice. The second reason is that they don't feel that they understand enough about IT to be able to get value from a review. Beyond Technology Consulting understands this and have designed our organisation to provide "Actionable Advice" that is accessible, accurate and provided in a language and manner that does not require technical qualifications to understand.

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