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Australia's leading independent IT management consulting firm


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Beyond Technology advise businesses on how to optimise the use of IT to achieve business outcomes.

Australia’s leading independent
IT management consulting firm

The Beyond Technology Consulting advantage

Our specialist IT management consulting advantage is based on three core principles:

Independent & Technology Agnostic

You can trust our advice to reflect your specific situation and needs rather than a technology or vendor bias.  Our consulting model guarantees:

  • We are not aligned to specific technologies or vendors;
  • We do not take commissions from vendors;
  • We do not sell implementation or integration services

Senior Experienced Staff

All Beyond Technology consultants have decades of experience solving business problems through implementing technology solutions. Our staff are senior, highly experienced, dual qualified professionals, you can be sure that they will be able to understand your specific business needs and are not recent graduates working to a consulting playbook.

Practical “Actionable Advice”

You can rely on our advice being focused on the business outcome rather than technology tools.  Our belief is that technology is subservient to the business and our methodologies focus on determining the best way to solve your business need, rather than the best way to justify the latest technology. Our advice is based on real world outcomes, costs, and timeframes.

We understand your IT challenges

Reduce IT Cost

Beyond Technology Consulting has several ways to help CFO’s and CIO’s to improve their organisation’s balance sheet. Our consultants are highly skilled in identifying how to optimise your IT costs to ensure that you are taking advantage of the technology available to your organisation.

Eliminate IT Risk

Many organisations carry a significant IT failure risk without understanding either the potential or consequences of failure. Quantifying the latent risk, and taking steps to mitigate it not only makes good business sense, it often provides significant improvement in the efficiency and availability of “business as usual” IT service.

Improve IT Service

With the growing demands on IT departments it can be all too easy to focus on rapidly expanding capability and addressing the day-to-day challenges of running the technology. Properly aligning IT to direct business requirements, while improving the communication channels between IT and the business delivers massive efficiency and capability improvements.