Does your board rely on the recommendations of “the IT guy”?

It is a simple fact that despite the ongoing consumerisation of technology and the growing use of IT in our everyday lives, the complexity and importance of IT decisions that corporate enterprises need to make continues to rise. The growing requirement on the executive management and boards to play an active role in IT governance means that it is no longer acceptable to “leave technology to the IT guy”. Boards, CEO’s and CFO’s need to understand the business consequences of the organisations IT strategy, and ensure that the direction is chosen deliberately rather than by indecision.

The role of independent IT assessment and board advice has become an important control point for many organisations and ensures that the organisation is not left flat footed for important technology change, and that IT costs do not escalate out of control. Well managed IT operations and strategy provides organisations with ongoing efficiency improvement opportunities while maintaining the agility to react to changing business priorities and circumstances. Poor IT strategy leaves organisations exposed to increasing degrees of failure and security risks while spending an increasing amount of money and resource on “keeping the lights on” rather than delivering improved competitive advantages.

Why Beyond Technology?

Unlike many in our industry we are both vendor independent and technology agnostic. This combined with our business alignment focus means you are assured of the most appropriate advice for your circumstances rather than a sales pitch for the implementation of the latest technology with the biggest margin. We use real world experience and recommend appropriate approaches with a contextual understanding of your specific requirements. We don’t sell product or implementation services so our advice cannot be compromised.

All of the Beyond Technology Consulting audit products are focused on providing the required oversight to the organisations executive, but also provide truly actionable advice to IT on how to improve their service levels to the business.

Independent reviews can focus on a simple health check and benchmark, or be designed to address specific concerns or strategic questions. Some examples of recent reviews include:

  • Information Security and Backup risk review
  • Opportunity assessment for IT lead business productivity improvements
  • IT cost reduction diagnostic
  • Business/IT strategic alignment review
  • IT resource Skills assessment
  • External IT service provider operations audit

Each of these reviews provide a management report that identifies any areas of concern, considers industry benchmarks and make recommendations in terms of “Actionable Advice” on how measurable improvements can be made.

Our experience and understanding of both business and IT provides us with the knowledge needed to help you maintain confidence in your IT operations and planning processes.