Effective management of your organisations Information Security and Privacy has never been more important. With the risks continuing to multiply due to the increased sophistication of cyber-criminal organisations and continuing activity by international state-sponsored groups, combined with compliance requirements set out by both regulators and trading partners – your cyber security preparedness posture can easily become an inhibitor to business growth.

Incidences of Privacy breaches, intellectual property theft, identify theft, industrial espionage, data loss or even complete system capability loss are increasing at a frightening rate.  It is critical to be aware and make deliberate choices in defining your security posture to find the right balance between cost, safety and productivity. Although vendors may promise silver bullets, independent assessment of your circumstances is required to understand the trade-offs required to maintain an acceptable risk profile.

Our Information Security and Privacy Health Check is designed to provide a cost effective assessment of your technology environment, and provide recommendations on how to address gaps in an effective and appropriate manner.   This “actionable advice” seeks to deliver improvements to reduce risk to an acceptable level rather than provide an infinite roadmap of unachievable security “Best Practice”

The report will cover:

  • Review and assessment of security posture against the ASD essential eight
  • Review of Office365 set-up and configuration against recommended practice
  • Review of identity, credential and rights management practice
  • Review of network and device access control and countermeasures
  • Evaluation of end-user awareness of information security and Privacy
  • Evaluation of response plans and clarity of roles & responsibilities

Alternatively, we also provide bespoke Information Security reviews that are tailored to meet your specific requirement such as ISO 27001 or SOC2 compliance planning.

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