Specialist Consultants can achieve better outcomes faster, leaving you to concentrate on your priorities.

Using TPM (Technology Procurement Methodology) we provide you with certainty and auditability while maximising the competitive tension in the process. By using our specialist consultants with our methodology you avoid the risks of:

  • Business misalignment
  • Leaving money on the table (uncompetitive pricing)
  • Not deploying the best available technology solution
  • Service level alignment issues
  • Inability to accurately compare competitive offers
  • Uncertainly of future and transition costs
Proven experience and results

Our specialist consultants are subject matter experts on telecommunication services and negotiate with both domestic and international carriers everyday. They have a deep understanding of the solutions offered in the market place, billing practices, pricing & SLA structures and cost benchmarks.

How we can assist you with your telecommunications procurement:

  • Understand your business requirements, encompassing future growth in usage and Service Levels as well as changes in technical and architectural requirements, we start the process with a discovery phase that ensures alignment to your requirements.
  • Benchmark existing costs and assess existing incumbent relationships to determine procurement strategy. Formal approach to market (RFP) or direct carrier negotiation may be appropriate depending on your current situation. We will advise how to maximise the commercial tension in the process in order to access the best desired outcome.
  • Undertake approach to market or negotiation. Leaving your existing relationships intact, we play hard with the carriers to gain the best commercial outcome possible.
  • Undertake financial analysis and cost forecasting. Determining the best outcome for your organisation is not as simple as just comparing rates, understanding the impacts of each charge point, and the differences in charging models is the starting point, then modelling the expected transition costs and business risk associated with each option must also be considered.
  • Provide a clearly articulated risk/reward analysis of viable options gives you the power to make an informed choice that suits your organisations requirements.
  • Optionally facilitate final contract negotiations

Our services range from our industry recognised “Carrier Cost Optimisation” service, through to simple cost analysis and service procurement projects. In all cases our internal benchmark data (Cost and Service level) and direct carrier migration experience provides you with knowledge necessary to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Our “Carrier Cost Optimisation” (CCO) service, combines specialist telecommunications procurement assistance and architectural efficiency improvement in one project. This provides you with the opportunity to re-align your telecommunications to the business requirements (e.g. improved redundancy & bandwidth) while still reducing your budgeted expenditure. In every telecommunications project we have undertaken we have produced real savings many times the size of our services fee.

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