Are you getting value from your IT spend?

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No matter if your view of IT is as a cost centre or a potential strategic advantage, ensuring that you are receiving good value in your IT spend is critical. Reducing cost and improving service delivery through effective IT management and improved business alignment are key outcomes from undertaking an Independent IT review and health check.

  • We will assess your internal IT service delivery or external IT service provider to consider if improved services or technology architectures could provide efficiency or capability improvements.
  • We will review your technology roadmap, consider technology failure scenarios and insure that appropriate steps have been taken to mitigate those risks that are a real danger to the organisations wellbeing.
  • We will assess your business requirements, consider best practice, new technology architectures and service delivery models and provide actionable advice on how to improve your IT service levels and reduce cost.

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Can the Virgin Blues happen to you?

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Executives across the country could feel the hair on the back of their necks stand on end over the weekend on hearing the complete financial, PR, operational and reputational disaster that besieged Virgin Blue after a catastrophic IT failure. While the press was interviewing distraught travellers across the country that were asking “Why didn’t they have a backup”, the dirty secret across many Australian organisations is that their IT recovery plans are either inadequate, or reliant on 3rdparty providers whom they do not have the skills to audit. Read More