Driven by the perfect storm of technology improvement and digital disruption many organisations find themselves in the position of needing to undertake an urgent network transformation program. Finding independent and technology agnostic advice with direct relevant experience is a material challenge and where Beyond Technology Consulting can help. Our experience in planning Software Defined Networking and Cloud enablement strategies will reduce implementation time and project risk.

How we can help

Our assistance ranges from capturing the aspirations of the business and developing business case and strategic requirements documentation, developing approach to market options and documentation to maximise the competitive tension in the process, evaluate technical and operational fit of new vendor technologies and roadmaps and providing recommendations on implementation priorities and approaches.

Our Experience

Current projects include a 700+ site “SASE” WAN upgrade, commercial data centre evaluation, end-to-end SDN deployments through the data centre to the campus network, 100Gb dark fibre MAN network deployments, International SD-WAN deployments, Zero-trust network implementation, Campus wide WiFi improvement program, Cloud-first strategy implementation