Your Trusted Advisor

Getting reliable advice is critical to your role as a technology leader. You may be able to rely on dependable 2IC’s with strong domain knowledge. However even the best 2IC can suffer from group think, internal political issues, or simply lack the relevant experience in the area you need.

Similarly relying on a network of friends and ex-colleagues (that often work with commercial competitors) for advice and counsel on important decisions can place you in a compromising position.

Our Program

Beyond Technology’s CIO advisory and mentoring service provides CIO’s and leading IT managers with access to a trusted advisor that can supply you with quality advice and a reliable sounding board for your ideas and initiatives without the potential for political fallout or influence.

The Benefits

The direct benefits of your subscriptions to this service to your organisation include:

  • Monthly telephone mentoring sessions reviewing projects and current issues.
  • Direct access to a dedicated Consulting Partner for short ad hoc telephone conversations on matters and issues important to your organisation.
  • Indirect access to the breadth of knowledge across the Beyond Technology Team.
  • Indirect access to Beyond Technologies benchmark data and experience.
  • Half yearly onsite visit and status update session.
  • Annual full day onsite planning and strategy session.
  • Ongoing consistency of knowledge about your environment and challenges within our consulting team.

Next Steps

Simply contact your Beyond Technology relationship manager to arrange for a Principal Consulting Partner to discuss with you the best consultant to be assigned to your organisation. Once you have reviewed the consultant background and are happy with the choice we will kick off the program with the first half day onsite session.