Until now there has not been an ability to cost effectively compare your IT operations , service levels and technology risk profile to “appropriate” industry practice.

Beyond Technology Consulting’s Technology Operational Efficiency Improvement Methodology (TOEIM) is focused on improving efficiency and reducing risk whilst continuing to deliver business as usual IT services. Our assessment services are aimed at organisations that are looking to identify the “low hanging fruit” to kick off a program of IT improvement.

These assessments will provide you with an understanding of the health of your IT systems and organisation and will identify future project initiatives that should be undertaken as a priority to quickly capture cost savings or improve service levels to the business

Our IT Operations Health Check focuses on business as usual IT operations. Our specialist consultants quickly and efficiently review your existing processes and capabilities providing you with a report that details the existing service delivery and latent capabilities. We produce a report that details our findings and provides Actionable Advice on how to bridge the capability gap and deploy best practice.