Why Disaster Recovery Planning is Important

IT Disaster Recovery Planning is a critical part of any organisation’s IT infrastructure to ensure Business Continuity in the face of a data loss and technology failure. But as organisations rely more and more on IT infrastructure to store data and to run operations, a Disaster Recovery Plan has become more important than a part of IT infrastructure, it is a crucial piece of the business machine, required to reduce the business risk facing the organisation and to adhere to regulatory compliance.

We understand that Disaster Recovery is all about risk mitigation from events that are outside your span of control. An inadequate Disaster Recovery plan could incur the business significant costs and lost time when reestablising normal business activity, or in some cases it could prevent the business from restarting at all. Protecting your data and applications is critical as more than half of all companies who experience major data loss will be forced to close down within two years. Isolating your organisation from such events is crucial to it’s survival. Read more statistics on the impact of major data loss on businesses.

How Beyond Technology Can Help

Our Disaster Recovery consulting services are designed to offer advice that covers a wide range of potential problems and risks you may be facing. Our consultants can help you in the following ways:

  • Assess your business continuity plan against business requirements
  • Review of your disaster recovery plans to ensure they meet the needs of the business
  • Development of a business continuity strategy
  • Analyse your overall ability to meet your business continuity plan
  • Advise you how to reduce your exposure to business risk by improving IT infrastructure and planning
  • Assist with business continuity and disaster recovery planning processes
  • A customised disaster recovery assessment of your IT systems and procedures

At Beyond Technology Consulting we believe that Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning go hand in hand. Having the infrastructure to store business data is not sufficient if the company does not have the appropriate plans, processes and capabilities to get the business up and running again.

Our Approach to Disaster Recovery

We are aware that different organisations have different needs around Disaster Recovery and may be at different stages in the planning process. Our consulting approach in general is to offer bespoke services to clients that are scoped to meet their precise needs. Read more about how Beyond Technology approach Diaster Recovery. Our capabilities around Disaster Recovery encompass many areas and can be scaled to include a number of different elements of varying complexity, from a short compliance check, a rapid or full infrastructure assessment, to a full DR strategy and planning process.

Our approach to Disaster Recovery will help you to build a coherent plan around DR that covers:

  • Level of risk faced by your organisation
  • Business and technical requirements
  • Organisational priorities required to resume business as usual activities
  • Current technical capability gap
  • Financial implications and business case justification
  • Expected service levels associated with the recovery process
  • Actions for remediation
  • Mitigation strategy and roadmap plan of action

Our Services

Beyond Technology has serveral services that can assist you in navigating the maze of Disaster Recovery Planning. Contact us if you would like to discuss your particlar requirements or any of the following services in more detail:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • DR Business Requirements Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Plan “First Pass” development
  • Disaster Recovery Infrastructure Assessment
  • DR Strategy Planning and Assessment