Change management is an essential component of all corners of IT operations. Every change to the production environment carries some level of business risk that should be managed by the change management process. Effective implementation of a good practice change management is frequently resisted, with various stakeholders including IT operations often deeming it frustrating bureaucratic overhead that slows the rate of required change.

However, failure to implement good-practice change management often results in unintended side effects that can have a material cost to the organizations. These may include:

  • Changes being implemented without adequate oversight
  • Unauthorized business processes and inefficiencies
  • Highly costly problem troubleshooting due to lack of change records
  • Inability to respond effectively to emergency change needs
  • Unauthorized changes being applied, resulting in compromised security & privacy
  • Unauthorized access to corporate information
  • System or application failure, resulting in lack of availability
  • Inaccurate documentation
  • Insufficient allocation of resources
  • Financial statements being materially misstated

By undertaking a Change management audit/assurance process, management will gain transparency and assurance that the process is controlled, monitored and in compliance with good practices. It should also ensure that change management process is implemented in a way that balances an organization need for agility with its need for risk management.

Beyond Technology Consulting’s Audit team can provide you with an ISACCA certified Auditor to undertake such an audit tailored to your requirements. Our simple day rate based cost model ensures full transparency and cost control in delivering an Audit specific to your requirements and circumstances.