Without doubt ITIL has become the de facto standard for IT operations and organisations have moved to transform their IT service delivery to the business by adopting the ITIL (library). But typically ITIL deployments are problematic and they often fail to deliver improvements that outweigh the costs of the transformation. Firms often struggle to find the balance between a rigid application of the library and practical realities of their situation. We recommend organisations should be looking to selectively apply ITIL where it makes the most sense and where they will be able to capture the most benefit.

Whether you are thinking about deploying ITIL or have an ITIL deployment but want to quantify the benefits you are seeing, we have a wide range of consulting services that are designed to offer advice that is practical and can deliver real benefit to you organisation.

Our consultants can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • An assessment of the efficiencies and risks in your ITIL deployment
  • An assessment of the capability of your IT to support an ITIL deployment
  • Identification of areas within your IT that could potentially benefit from ITIL
  • Help to remediate known problems associated with your ITIL implementation

We can also help you to get ready for ITILv3 with a Readiness Assessment that reviews your IT infrastructure to highlight what risks you may face during an ITIL v3 deployment and offers you practical advice on how you can deploy v3 with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Read more on how an ITILv3 Readiness Assessment can help your business.

We are aware that different organisations have different ITIL needs and may be at different stages in the planning process. Our consulting approach in general is to offer bespoke services to clients that are scoped to meet their precise needs. Our capabilities around ITIL encompass many areas and can be scaled to include a number of different elements of varying complexity.

Whether you are an IT Manager embroiled in the daily issues surrounding ITIL complexities, or a Senior IT Executive and need advice on how to balance your IT issues with business drivers, Beyond Technology Consulting can give you an external perspective that you can trust.

Contact us at one of our offices if you would like to discuss how our consultants could be of assistance to you.