IT Management is a complex balancing act: On one hand the IT team must deliver and continuously improve service levels to the business. On the other the IT leader is expected to understand their business and its industry as well as the broader technology industry. Beyond Technology Consulting’s Technology Operational Efficiency Improvement Methodology (TOEIM) is focused on reviewing your IT capabilities and looking for gaps where business requirements are not being serviced appropriately. The resultant advice will enable improved IT efficiency and reduced business risk whilst continuing to deliver business as usual IT services.

Why undertake an Independent IT review or health check?

Many organisations are frustrated with the efficiency of their IT organisation and are unable to prioritise initiatives to improve service levels, reduce risk and cost and increase agility and flexibility. This service is aimed at organisations that are looking to identify the “low hanging fruit” to kick off a program of IT improvement. An IT review will provide you with an understanding of the health of your IT systems, costs and organisational capabilities. We will identify future project initiatives that should be undertaken as a priority to quickly capture cost savings, reduce risks or to improve service levels to the business.

What does an independent review involve?

We will assess your internal IT service delivery or external IT service provider to consider if improved services or technology architectures could provide efficiency or capability improvements.

We will review your technology roadmap, consider technology failure scenarios (including cyber risks) and ensure that appropriate steps have been taken to mitigate those risks that are a real danger to the organisations wellbeing.

We will assess your business requirements, consider best practice, cost and service benchmarks, new technology architectures and service delivery models and provide actionable advice on how to improve your IT service levels and efficiency.

The Beyond Technology Consulting vision is to provide our clients with “Actionable Advice” on how to create optimal technical solutions for your business. Each of our partner level consultant combines engineering and technical qualifications with a globally recognised MBA from a leading business school. Our consultants are practical people focussed on delivering tangible outcomes rather than grandiose “shelfware” reports that appear impressive but could never be implemented. Our methodologies, tools and models are tried and tested to rapidly and reliably assist to develop our recommendations.

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What are our clients saying?

“After you identified the root cause of our difficulties we have never looked back”
CFO financial services industry

“it’s the first time that I clearly understand how we engage our IT to change the status quo”
CEO large professional services firm

“I was astounded to see how reprioritising our IT could deliver such a material improvement in business outcomes”
MD large field services organisation

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