Understanding the future capabilities of your IT infrastructure and operations environment is a complex task that requires both an understanding of the existing technologies roadmap and the current implementation and operational constraints.

Our specialist consultants to can quickly and efficiently review a specific infrastructure area (such as Network, Backup & Recovery, data centre, Call Centre etc) or a capability area (such as IT Help Desk, Disaster Recovery, etc) providing you with a report that details the requirements gap, latent capability and provides Actionable Advice on how to bridge the capability gap and deploy best practice to access latent capabilities.

Out targeted assessment services include:

DR Infrastructure & Process Assessment

Through a targeted DR Infrastructure and Process Capability Assessment we can help you build improved resilience and delivery capability while reducing both risk and costs. The targeted review will focus on DR capability providing you with recommendations on remediating you infrastructure and recovery processes.

Storage Infrastructure and Strategy Assessment

Data Storage is currently the most rapidly changing environment in the data centre today. Many organisations are struggling to keep ahead of the exponential growth, escalating costs and increasing business expectation for data protection and compliance.Using our proven methodology, we will align your storage strategy to match the organisational requirements.

Rapid Risk Assessment

This rapid assessment of the health of your technology department focuses on quickly identifying areas of low efficiency, high cost and high risk. A report is produced that outlines the findings, and suggests initiatives that could be undertaken to alleviate the most critical concerns.

Security Risk Assessment

Our Security Risk Assessment we can help you identify IT security issues that translate into quantifiable business risk. This assists with the development of a business case to build improved security infrastructure and processes that deliver capability improvement while reducing both risk and costs. The targeted review focuses on your existing capability providing you recommendations on remediating you infrastructure and security processes.

IT Strategy Assessment

Beyond Technology Consulting’s Strategy & Business Justification practice is focused on developing implementable strategies for organisations to align ICT capabilities with broader business goals. We pride ourselves on delivering advice that is practical, achievable, cost effective, and business focused. We do not seek to produce plans based on bleeding edge technology or esoteric reports designed for little more than sitting on a shelf.