What is a Rapid Health Assessment?

This rapid assessment of the health of your technology department focuses on quickly identifying areas of low efficiency, high cost and high risk. A report is produced that outlines the findings, and suggests initiatives that could be undertaken to alleviate the most critical concerns.


Many organisations are frustrated with the efficiency of their IT organisation and are unable to prioritise initiatives to improve service levels, reduce risk and cost and increase agility and flexibility. This service is aimed at organisations that are looking to identify the “low hanging fruit” to kick off a program of IT improvement.

This assessment will provide you with an understanding of the health of your IT systems and organisation and will identify future project initiatives that should be undertaken as a priority to quickly capture cost savings or improve service levels to the business.


Due to the rapid nature of the assessment, the level of detail that can be obtained is restricted, in addition, while a regular technology audit will interview a number of staff to triangulate a conclusion, a rapid assessment will limit the interview process to a maximum of only 4 x 1 hour interviews capturing areas of concern without the requirement for cross checks.

The Bottom Line

Our experience and understanding of technology solutions for your business provides us with the knowledge needed to help you maintain your competitive edge. This combined with our efficiency benchmarking enables us to help you identify areas of difficulty and develop a plan to remediate them.

The total cost of this rapid assessment is $16,965

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