The efficiency of Technology spending is getting increased attention with most organisations seeking to deliver greater business benefits with better targeted IT investment. There are several areas in which technology costs may be inappropriate for your organisation:

Reducing the cost base of an organisation always involve difficult decisions. Whether it is cutting staff or cutting projects, the trade-off’s need to be considered to ensure the organisations future best interest are in focus. IT departments do not have a good track record of successfully implementing cost reduction projects, often the focus of the cuts are important new projects or on spending that reduce business risk rather than “invisible OPEX” that is outside the consideration of the IT team. Our team of highly skill business-IT professionals analyse IT budgets and activities, then quickly identify areas in which real cost savings may be achieved with understanding of any flow-on impact to business.

Some of our recent projects have included:

  • Private Equity firm seeking to assess the opportunity to reduce telecommunications costs in one of its recent investments.
  • A pharmaceutical organisation seeking to audit the appropriateness of its IT strategy and spend
  • A firm seeking to audit the cost and services provided by a 3rd party IT service provider
  • A FMCG organisation seeking to assess the alignment of IT service delivery to business requirement and benchmark IT spend against similar organisations
  • A strategic cost review across the technology departments of a large media organisation to redefine their cost base at a significantly reduced level

Industry benchmarks have shown two out of three organisations that have seen structural change over the previous 24 months are significantly overspending on IT operations for their achieved service levels. Beyond Technology Consulting has a comprehensive array of services to assist you to quickly determine the areas in which your technology cost base do not best meet your business’s needs. Using our own Intellectual Property that includes comprehensive benchmark data and formal methodologies, we will provide you with certainty of outcome and “Actionable Advice” on how to optimise your IT costs.