IT Efficiency and Improvement Review

IT Management is a complex balancing act: On one hand the IT team must deliver and continuously improve service levels to the business. On the other the IT leader is expected to understand their business and its industry as well as the broader technology industry. Beyond Technology Consulting’s Technology Operational Efficiency Improvement Methodology (TOEIM) is focused on reviewing your IT capabilities and looking for gaps where business requirements are not being services appropriately. The resultant advice will enable improved IT efficiency and reduced business risk whilst continuing to deliver business as usual IT services.


Many organisations are frustrated with the efficiency of their IT organisation and are unable to prioritise initiatives to improve service levels, reduce risk and cost and increase agility and flexibility. This service is aimed at organisations that are looking to identify the “low hanging fruit” to kick off a program of IT improvement. An IT Assessment will provide you with an understanding of the health of your IT systems and organisation and will identify future project initiatives that should be undertaken as a priority to quickly capture cost savings or to improve service levels to the business. We have a range of IT Assessment and Audit services (for both inhouse and outsourced IT) that can be undertaken with varying levels of detail and expenditure, options include:

Full IT Assessment

Covering the entire scope of the IT organisation, an assessment of the technology effectiveness, risk profile and IT costs is undertaken to ensure that IT service delivery is aligned to the business requirements, scale and synergy opportunities are captured, while duplication and operational inefficiencies are removed.

Targeted Assessment

Focusing on a specific area of IT infrastructure or capabilities, our specialist consultants can quickly and efficiently review that area providing you with a report that details the requirements gap, latent capability and provides Actionable Advice on how to bridge the capability gap and deploy best practice.

IT Operations Health Check

Focusing on business as usual IT operations, our specialist consultants to can quickly and efficiently review your existing processes and capabilities providing you with a report that details the existing service delivery and latent capabilities, and provides Actionable Advice on how to bridge the capability gap and deploy best practice.

Rapid Assessment

A rapid assessment of your technology department focuses on quickly identifying areas of low efficiency, high cost and high risk. A report is produced that outlines the findings, and suggests initiatives that could be undertaken to alleviate the most critical concerns.

Benchmark Assessment

The key to our approach is to provide a view of “best fit practice” that reflects the unique characteristics of the client and the “best practise” for all organisations of a similar size. Our methodology is designed not only to expose where current performance does not meet requirements, through under or over servicing the business, but also to provide guidance on how operational performance may be remediated or improved through quick wins.