Practice Areas

Review & Audit

Audit is a long standing management tool for corporate governance that is increasingly recognised to be of equal value for technology management. Audit and Review need not be restricted to IT governance activity; it is considered vital in corporate risk mitigation for organisations to undertake regular external IT assessments to ensure that both board and executive supervision of technology activities are taken seriously. It is generally considered best practice to undertake periodic external reviews of IT to consider efficiency, costs, service levels, risk profile and business alignment. These may take the form of a broad IT Review, or specific compliance audit activities.

Strategy & Planning

There is never a good excuse for IT management not having a formally documented IT Plan or Strategic Roadmap. We often find that organisations operating without an appropriate IT plan are unable to engage in sufficient levels of proactive management. Instead they take on a fire fighting mentality which leads to increased levels of risk, operating inefficiencies and ultimately poor outcomes for the business.

Advisory & Transformation

Finding independent and technology agnostic advice with direct relevant experience is a material challenge and where Beyond Technology Consulting can help. As independent consultants we are uniquely positioned to provide external review, advice and assistance without being beholden to specific technologies and vendors. Our extensive experience in quickly assessing organisations existing capabilities and immediate priorities along with our deep understanding of the possibilities provided by technology enablement and data enablement strategies will allow us to provide “Actionable Advice” that is delivered within our “IT Excellence by Design”© framework.