Office365 Audit

A forensic review of your Office365 tenancy configuration and security

Office365 has become the DeFacto standard across Australian organisations and is often the first enterprise cloud based platform deployed. No matter if it is simply providing email, or if the deployment includes SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, the platform has become the largest attack vector for cyber intrusion. More so if the deployment is extended through Azure, credential management and device policy enforcement.  The good news are that these platforms are solid and professionally managed by some of the best security experts on the planet, however the defence is only as good as your configuration and with the amazing levels of flexibility enabled, also comes the cost of ensuring that its integrity is maintained. In many cases default configurations are non-ideal and can easily lead to vulnerabilities.  

With 89% of IT leaders admitting that they are struggling to stay up to date and comply with government legislation due to a lack of relevant in-house skills, the review and Audit of Office365 platform can provide certainty and understanding on one of your largest exposures and draw attention to your ability to detect and respond to cyber events. 

Our Office365 Audit will forensically review your tenancy against standards that are appropriate for an organisation like yours. We will utilise our extensive experience in the technology and its utility within the business, but also apply external frameworks such as the ASD E8 to put our recommendations and priorities into context against your regulatory obligations and digital maturity.