Local Government Advisory Services

IT Compliance Audits

Beyond Technology Consulting has assisted many organisations extract significant value from what was once a legacy constrained, slow to respond, reactive IT department.

“Local government organisations are not alone in having an IT function that is resource constrained and seemingly unable to deliver agile IT services that the organisation requires. We are proud to have helped many city and regional councils in the same way as our other clients from a very diverse industry base”

The combined need to deliver functionality to improve organisational efficiency, with an increasing demand by constituents for smart city initiatives and digital enablement has many IT departments only fighting fires and unable to deliver the necessary innovation.

“When the business feels IT is lacking direction, we often find that IT Governance needs review.”

Legacy IT sees themselves as the gatekeeper who protect the users from themselves via a traditional command and control model, while innovative IT sees there roll as facilitators of business outcomes.

“Leading organisations are those who’s IT actively engage with the business AND have an effective governance model.”

Independent IT advice is unfortunately exceedingly rare and finding a trusted advisor that not beholdent to an organisation that is seeking to sell technology or implementation services. Councillors and Council Executives are becoming increasingly active in the use of independent advice. Beyond Technology Consulting are focused purely on IT Review, Audit and strategy development and avoid any conflict of interest that results from engaging internal resources or vendor aligned consultants.

Other than the normal constraints of a legacy focused IT department we are finding that councils are also struggling with their digital strategies. Opportunities in digital enabled constituent self service strategies do not only improve stakeholder value but also reduce costs, improve efficiencies and deliver improved service levels. Often we find that a zero up IT budget review is required to identify areas costs have not reduced with industry trends and significant opportunity exists to refocus resources on activities that are aligned to more strategically aligned goals. The capabilities provided by next generation cloud computing services allows organisations to focus scares IT resources on real value add activities rather than delivering commoditized services inefficiently.

Actionable advice is key to Beyond Technology’s delivery model. This means that their recommendations are targeted to the specifics of your requirements, but with a view on specifically what needs to be done to achieve the desired outcomes.

“Too many strategic or remediation plans are developed that simply cannot be implemented due to legacy, budgetary or other constraints.”

Similarly Beyond Technology’s business outcome focus is core to who they are. “Our dual qualified consultants can not only undertake deep technical analysis of your IT environment, but also understand the business drivers and outcomes that should drive IT capabilities”

“Having an accurate assessment of your IT’s capabilities and strengths can empower the organisations leadership team to challenge assumptions and drive innovation at all levels” 

Our key services for the local government sector include: