Your IT is too important to be left unaccountable.

Beyond Technology is Australia’s leading independent and technology agnotics technology advisors and specialise in providing advice to business executives and boards.

Independent review and audit is a important tool for all businesses. With the ever increasing importance of IT within organisations and the growing requirement to deploy a delibrate IT strategy to avoid being left behind competitors advances, more and more boards and excutives are gaving independent IT Audits or IT strategy reviews undertaken.

Many organisations are at the beginning of an information war with their competitor. As has always been the case, the company that has better insights on their customers and/or supply chain are able to outperform their rivals. The difference now is that these insights are coming from new sources that require deliberate engagement between IT and the business to exploit. This coupled with the significant deterioration on the cyber threat matrix facing Australian organisations over the last 18 months, has created a significant knowledge gap that needs to be addressed through independent expert advice.

Organisations internal IT has traditionally relied on “friendly vendors” for advice; however, this has proved time and time again to be costly as they are only able to provide information that is aligned to their own best interests. Organisation that has IT provided by outsourced managed service providers also find that they are unable to evaluate their performance or the appropriateness of the evolving strategy. Beyond Technology Consulting can help.

We are focused on two key outcomes for our clients, advice aligned to your business through Independent IT review and providing support in developing deliberate IT Strategy and IT governance through our “IT Excellence by design” framework. Contact us today to arrange an obligation free discussion on how our expertise can assist your organisation today.

IT Compliance Audits
We are truly independent consultants that provide technology agnostic “ACTIONABLE ADVICE”.

Our methodologies do not assume that you will retain our services through remediation or implementation, however we will provide assistance and advice on the management of this process as required.

All of our consultants combine technology qualifications with years of industry experience and each partner level consultant has been awarded a globally recognised MBA from a leading business school. Beyond Technology has been operating in Australia since 1992, and running its consulting business for over eighteen years. Throughout this period it has maintained a positive growth outlook and has been steadily growing its reputation and client base.

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