The constantly growing and changing cyber threat has made the use of external independent annual cyber security heath checks standard practice for all Australian businesses. While some Finance related industries and essential services organisations have mandatory regulatory assessment obligations, others see the annual review as the opportunity to ensure escalating risks have been considered and that the organisations security posture has not been materially reduced unintentionally. If organisations have not materially improved their cyber security approach in the last 12 months, then due to the changing threat environment they will have been exposed to an exponential increase in cyber risk.

Beyond Technology’s Annual Cyber Security Health check is a service that provides actionable advice on how your security posture rates compared to your peers, and what areas of risk have increased since your last review. Depending on your particular circumstance we may recommend a Cyber hygiene improvement program, or the tactical deployment of a security technology or approach to maintain your risk profile for the next 12 month.

If its been a while since your last Annual Cyber Security health check, it may be more appropriate to consider a rapid review such as our Cyber Security & Privacy Assessment

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