Network Outages and Single Points of Failure

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Nov 09 , 2023
| Greg Spencer

The recent Optus outage has been a stark reminder to many boards and executives of the importance of understanding your cyber resilience. In our increasingly digital environment, a network outage caused by a technical failure or a malicious cyber event can cripple businesses and let customers down. Knowing your technical single points of failures and deliberately planning to eliminate them, or knowing the workaround ahead of time should be standard in any business. As many of our clients can attest to, understanding your carrier network architecture and the use of appropriate levels of technology and carrier diversity  is critical in todays software defined and NBN based wide area networks.

As a leading independent technology advisory, Beyond Technology is ideally placed to help organisations gain a clear understanding on their technology weak points by undertaking a Cyber Resilience Assessment. Armed with this knowledge that is free from bias and conflicts of interest, your organisation can then develop its Cyber Resilience Strategy and Action plan to mitigate failure risk of your business critical digital systems.

For those organisations that directly felt the pain of the Optus outage, and those who felt lucky to have been reliant on a different carrier - Now is the time to act. Don't wait for the inevitable next major event to occur or expect regulators to step in and magically make carrier and technology services fail-proof. Get expert assistance to know your vulnerabilities and plan to avoid critical business impacts. Customers have a right to feel let down by Optus, but not knowing or planning for your single point technical and supplier vulnerabilities is something that you have control over.

If you know of an organisation that need assistance with a Cyber Resilience Assessment or Response planning - then let them know that Beyond Technology can help.

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