Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Evaluation and Planning

Through a targeted DR Infrastructure and Capability Assessment we can help you build improved resilience and delivery capability while reducing both risk and costs. Initially providing you with recommendations on remediating you infrastructure and recovery processes, we will then assist with your planning and process implementation.

IT Roadmap Planning

Like any part of the business IT needs a coherent roadmap that is aligned to business strategy. Without a good quality plan IT may become reactionary and directionless and will run the risk of failing to deliver to changing business expectations. A roadmap planning engagement will help to develop, enhance or align your IT activities to the needs of the business, to ensure that IT delivery is optimised.

IT Audit Services

As technology becomes more integral to the organisation’s operations and activities, a major challenge for an organisation is how to best approach a companywide assessment of IT risks and controls – an IT audit.

ITIL Review and Planning

When service management is clearly defined, organisations are more able to measure each service component provided and ensure one attains getting value for money. This provides the opportunity to control and reduce costs at the same time as improving overall performance. Reviewing your organisations operations with respect to ITIL, or assessing its readiness to deploy v3 can provide the first step towards improvement.

Compliance and Controls Assessment

The assessment of your technology department focuses on quickly identifying areas of compliance and failure risks to provide you with an improved level of confidence in your IT systems and processes. It will provide you with an understanding of the health of your IT compliance and controls and will identify future initiatives that should be undertaken to improve the controls and reduce business risk.

IT Business Alignment Improvement Programs

Bridging the gap between the business expectation and your operational capability can be a technical challenge, ensuring continued and ongoing alignment to the business needs often requires a change to your communications model. We can assist you with a program designed to improve the IT to business communication channels and help IT staff to engage the business areas to provide more appropriate service delivery.