Organisations across the country are seeking broad productivity improvements across the business to support growth without increasing their staff costs. Innovations through new technology can often be used to support this need, however it is critical that the IT service delivery and business requirements are fully aligned to ensure the outcomes are achieved. Truly independent advice is rare and vendors with a clear conflict of interest are difficult to trust.  Beyond Technology’s dual qualified consultants are ideally placed to understand both the business opportunity provided by new technologies and the technical logistics of ensuring that these technologies are deployed in an appropriate manner.

Beyond Technology has helped many organisations improve business efficiencies through several key means. The use of appropriately business aligned technology should automate workflow, reduce manual administration tasks & eliminate duplication, improve business intelligence, and improve team communication and collaboration. These technology led initiatives can be facilitated through several alternative approaches.

  1. External Business Analyst Services
  2. Undertaking a Business Process Optimisation Review
  3. Independent review of existing initiatives
  4. ICT Review and Strategy Development

External Business Analyst Services

This service provides our client with a skilled and experience Business Analyst to work on staff in the delivery of a project. This avoids having to rely on internally seconded staff that may not have the required experience, or have the internal capacity that is only required on a project or even initial pilot basis. The BA can develop business cases for the supporting investment, undertake feasibility analysis & project scooping activities and provide insights into the IT challenges from an unbiased external and vendor independent perspective. Our Business Analyst services are tailored to our clients specific requirements ensuring alignment to your needs.

Business Process Optimisation Review

Our BPTO (Business Process via Technology Optimisation) service uses our tried and tested methodology that leverages our unique skills and understanding of the technology landscape. Using parts of LEAN process improvement along with a focus on technology based optimisation opportunities, we seek to identify the area of high improvement opportunity that can provide a NPV positive business case and scope for further strategic benefits.

Independent Review of existing initiatives

Have an external expert independent review of technology initiatives can quickly and easily identify roadblocks to successful implementation potentially saving the organisation from expensive mistakes through minor upfront changes. At very least the review can provide the confidence and certainty around the decision and provide additional benchmark data to help focus the implementation project.

IT Review and Strategy Development

As independent consultants we provide many organisations with IT review/audit services along with technology strategy development. We focus on providing our clients with advice that aligns their business requirements and strategy with a technology roadmap that is appropriate for their budget envelope. In different industries across the country boards are increasing reliant on IT to provide the productivity improvements to drive business growth. This can only be achieved if the IT operations function and strategic direction is both appropriate and aligned to the business requirements

If your organisation is seeking understanding on how they can deliver organisational capacity for more sustainable growth through productivity improvements, contact us to arrange a discussion on a Opportunity Assessment engagement