IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning is a critical part of any organisation’s IT strategy. It ensures that in the face of malicious/accidental damage or infrastructure failure, your IT systems and data recoverability is predictable and meets business expectations and compliance requirements. As organisations rely more and more on IT infrastructure to store data and to run operations, an up-to-date DR plan is essential to ensure that IT is aligned to reduce business risk and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Some of the services that we offer in this area include:

  • Creation of a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Assessment of your IT infrastructure against DR needs
  • Creating a technology roadmap to enhance and re-align IT infrastructure to business requirements
  • Negotiation with the business to understand recovery needs of business processes
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Financial and budgetary DR analysis
  • Development of technical SLA’s from business requirements
  • Risk assessment of existing infrastructure

Typically the business will set requirements that are a huge challenge for IT to satisfy. We can act as the interface between IT and the business to set realistic goals.

We are aware that different organisations have different needs around Disaster Recovery and may be at different stages in the planning process. Our consulting approach in general is to offer bespoke services (click here to view all our consulting services) to clients that are scoped to meet their precise needs. Our capabilities around Disaster Recovery encompass many areas and can be scaled to include a number of different elements of varying complexity, from a short compliance check, a rapid or full infrastructure assessment, to a full DR strategy and planning process.