Identity and Access Management (IAM) is both the key and gateway to the organization’s information. It involves the security, risk management and business discipline that enables the right individuals to have access to the right resources, at the right time, for the right reasons, in order to deliver desired business outcomes.

Hence IAM is mission-critical for any organization. Lack or poorly implemented IAM can lead to loss of assets or intellectual property, distribution of sensitive data and information, loss of data integrity, or business disruption.

As a result, an organization can be exposed to:

  • Productivity loss as employees are left unable to do their job without the necessary access rights and privileges
  • Regulatory risk (inability to comply with regulatory requirements, due to an outage or violation of a regulation)
  • Reputation risk (public relations issues with customers or the public at large)
  • Operational risk (inability to process critical business functions)
  • Internal human relations issues (relating to payroll and employee privacy)
  • Financial risk (either loss of physical assets or the costs to remediate the other risk identified).

Approaches to IAM are challenged by ongoing social, mobile and cloud developments. These will trigger a greater number of users demanding better user experience, a greater variety of end points as many different devices could provide access to corporate assets.

By undertaking an Identity Management audit, management will be provided with an independent assessment relating to the effectiveness of identity management and its policies, procedures and governance activities.  An IAM maturity assessment will be delivered, based on the evaluation of how the IAM implementation relates to ISACA defined control practices in the areas of: policy management, policy and procedures roll out, identity and user account management, as well as risk assessment.

Beyond Technology Consulting’s Audit team can provide you with an ISACA Certified Auditor to undertake such an audit tailored to your requirements. Our simple day rate based cost model ensures full transparency and cost control in delivering an Audit specific to your requirements and circumstances.