Why upgrade to ITILv3?

Many organisations are already familiar with the benefits brought about by the introduction of an ITIL environment. These include:

  • Increased user and customer satisfaction with your IT services
  • Improved service availability, directly leading to reduced business risk and increased revenue opportunities
  • Financial savings from reduced rework, lost time, improved resource management and usage
  • Improved time to market for new products and services
  • Improved decision making and optimized risk

The Introduction of ITIL v3 expands on theses existing concepts and includes:

  • Broadening the entire framework
  • Concept of Service Lifecycle and Continual, Improvement
  • A single consistent widely available Service Catalogue

The implementation of ITIL v3 can be a complex proposition due to its prerequisite of technology business alignment. Many organisations that have poor process discipline or misalignment to business requirements find that their ITIL deployment only served to reduce their responsiveness and IT agility. Our real life experience and understanding of capability requirements reduces risk and increases focus on achieving realisable benefits.

Our ITIL v3 readiness assessment follows our consulting discovery methodology to review your current IT environment through a series of interviews and questionnaires to selected participates. Using this approach, we benchmark your current ITIL maturity, and consider the benefits achievable through a v3 deployment.

What can you expect?

We provide four key deliverables:

  • A high level assessment of your existing (ITIL V2) processes and documentation
  • A high level action plan of how to align existing processes to facilitate a migration to v3
  • An introductory workshop providing an overview of the ITIL V3 service lifecycle phases and component processes
  • A framework for the conversion of your existing service information into an ITILv3 Service Catalogue.

The Bottom Line

In every readiness assessment project that we have undertaken, Beyond Technology has delivered a clear understanding of the issues at hand within the specific client environment; the high level roadmap provides significant improvement in the organisation’s service management improvement planning and an enhancement in efficiency through the reduction in deployment uncertainty.