Data Storage is currently the most rapidly changing environment in the data centre today. Many organisations are struggling to keep ahead of the exponential growth, escalating costs and increasing business expectation for data protection and compliance.

Using our proven methodology, we will align your storage strategy to match the organisational requirements for:

  • Growth – Maintaining appropriate performance with increasing scale
  • Cost – Maintaining a supportable cost base through an appropriate tiered storage architecture and archival strategies
  • Data Protection – Ensuring compliance to both recovery point and time objectives for business data and disaster recovery SLAs.

Business Alignment for an organisations data storage requirements needs to be addressed from two perspectives, a) ensuring that the actual business requirements are captured and the total cost of these requirements are thoroughly understood by the business, and b) ensuring the storage infrastructure strategy and operational capability is aligned to these requirements. Beyond Technology’s Storage Infrastructure and Strategy Assessment provides certainty in both of these areas using its formalised assessment methodology and industry experienced consultants.

Our Process:

Our Proven methodology uses a formal 4 stage process to align your storage infrastructure strategy to the organisations business requirements. This process has proven results and combined with our customer engagement model ensures an effective outcome.
Business Requirements Discovery

This discovery focuses on understanding the drivers behind the requirements placed on IT by the organisation, the context in which they must be delivered, and how these requirement are anticipated to change in the future.

This is done via a series of facilitated staff interviews and by reviewing available documentation. We focus on the following areas:

  • The requirements and business justifications both data protection and Disaster Recovery capabilities;
  • The expected growth in size and performance of infrastructure to support both current and projected requirements;
  • Current and future service level and compliance requirements.

Technical Operations Discovery

A full understanding of the existing operational capability is achieved through a facilitated discovery interview and document review process. This seeks to review the existing documented and ad hoc operational and planning processes, organisational archival and retention policies, and currently achieved service levels. The review also covers the current architecture and recent growth history.

Business Alignment Assessment

Requirement to Infrastructure Strategy Gap Analysis

An analysis of the organisations requirements against the existing storage strategies existing and forecast capabilities is undertaken. This gap analysis identifies any existing areas of misalignment, and forecasts if the existing infrastructure strategy will be capable of keeping pace, or fail to meet forecast requirements.

Requirement to Operational Capability Gap Analysis

This part of the assessment considers the existing demonstrated capability and operational effectiveness compared to the current organisational requirement. If a gap existing between the existing capability and current requirements, or the forecast requirements to the expected future capability, then remediation requirements are considered to scale capabilities in a manner congruent with the business direction.

Infrastructure Remediation and Strategy Recommendations

Recommendations are produced to provide “Actionable Advice” on how to ensure ongoing alignment to the organisations storage requirements, and if necessary a revised Storage Infrastructure Strategy.