While many organisations went through massive technology and digital change due to the economy wide COVID disruptions, it has been common to find that much of this rapid change has been driven by a “just get things done” approach without the normal planning and understanding of all the technical dependencies and implications.

As we seek to reinforce and extend the organisations digital capabilities it is important that we undertake more deliberate planning and move towards a “get things right” approach. Finding independent and technology agnostic advice with direct relevant experience is a material challenge and where Beyond Technology Consulting can help. Our experience in quickly assessing organisations existing capabilities and immediate priorities along with our deep understanding of the possibilities provided by technology enablement and data enablement strategies will reduce implementation time and project risk of your Digital Transformation Strategy.

What is a Digital Enablement Strategy?

Digital Strategies means different things to different organizations, while some focus on Digital Marketing other focus on the digital user experience. Our view is that a digital strategy covers the digital transformation of all areas of the business, and it defines the priority that these areas are tackled. To facilitate the business to undergo a digital transformation it is vital that the foundational capabilities and technologies exist and are supported within the business. We must set up the organisation up for success through an enablement program to ensure that its digital strategy is sustainable and supported by appropriate automation, collaboration and data & analytics systems and infrastructure. The digital transformation must go deeper than just client interactions and should seek to reduce process friction, improve the capture and use of data, and deliver real improvement to business value.

Our assistance ranges from capturing the aspirations of the business and developing business case and strategic requirements and planning documentation, developing approach to market options and documentation to maximise the competitive tension in the process, evaluate technical and operational fit of new vendor technologies and roadmaps and providing recommendations on implementation priorities and approaches.

How we can help?

Digital Maturity Assessment

Our consultants work with the organisation to assess its existing digital capabilities, levels of current technical debt and the opportunity and aspiration for improved digital work practices. This discovery process seeks to talk both to the IT functions within the business, and the non-technical stakeholders across the business that are responsible for business operations. Finally we assess the organisations existing digital plans and operational capabilities to improve critical business processes and embrace data driven decision support. The report then provides an assessment of the organisations Digital Maturity and actionable advice on how to improve.

Digital Enablement Strategy Planning

Once we have a clear understanding of your organisations existing Digital Maturity and operational capabilities we will develop a multi-horizon strategy to enable and accelerate your digital transformation . This strategy will take into account your current position, available skills and resources and appropriate change velocity given the broader organisational context. Based on appropriate industry practice and seeking to deliver rapid pragmatic improvements where possible, the strategy will provide a roadmap for changes to your foundational digital capabilities and operational approach, and priorities to resolve the identified gaps and requirements.

Our Experience

Current projects include both tactical technology evolutions and large organisation wide transformation programs. We have extensive experience working with organisations that are just starting the journey to digitally enable their workforce along with those that are looking to evolve their competitive position through enhanced digital capabilities.