Media Industry

Situation: Organisation was seeking to realign cost base of business through a series of independent strategic reviews. Beyond Technology was focused on the review of 3 separate technology divisions as well as a number of IT capabilities that were being managed within other business units.

Engagement: Strategic Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment

Outcome: Beyond recommended the restructure of the separate technology divisions into an integrated technology services team and the consolidation of other IT responsibilities into this team. Through the use of advanced remote management tools, appropriate processes and an organisational structure more closely aligned to business requirements (rather than legacy reporting lines) the work teams were streamlined to deliver improved SLA’s more efficiently. The resulting reduction in workforce requirements, investments in new generation technology and targeted vendor negotiation delivered an immediately achievable ongoing cost savings of 25%, increasing to 30% of the previous IT opex budget in the medium term.

Health & Aged Care

Situation: The organisation has undergone consistent growth for many years across diverse business units. The key growth opportunity moving forward is undergoing significant structural change and the organisation is requiring a level of agility in its IT that has not been available.

Engagement: Independent IT Operations Review & Cost Benchmark

Outcome: The IT team has not prioritised its workload to align with business requirements and were thus unable to deliver appropriate levels of service. This manifested itself as an acute resource shortage that had crippled project work and lead to an unachievable backlog. We developed new IT operations Strategy and prioritised remediation projects to focus activity on a roadmap to IT sustainability and an infrastructure and project dependency map to deliver the IT capability to meet the organisations business strategy.

Health & Aged Care

Situation: The organisation had gone through a step change increase in scale due to the recent bolt-on of a new business unit. This had left the existing IT support arrangements unable to coup with the additional demand for service and the infrastructure unable to scale to meet business requirements.

Engagement: Strategic IT Assessment

Outcome: Beyond Technology assessed the new organisation requirements and plans for immediate growth to developed a Prioritised 3 year IT Project Roadmap and Operational Strategy to migrate IT service delivery to a model appropriate for requirements.

Franchisee Group

Situation: The organisations success had seen exponential growth and the organisations IT strategy needed to be updated to support the new scale demands of the organisation and also prepare it for its next stage of growth.

Engagement: Independent IT Strategy Review and Vendor Assessment

Outcome: The review identified significant service risk and capability gaps in the existing vendors service delivery. An urgent remediation roadmap was provided to mitigate the most critical risks and revised operational model was proposed.

Professional Services Firm

Situation: The organisation was happy with its IT service delivery but concerned about business risk associated with its support arrangement. As part of appropriate governance practices the board requested an independent IT review and Vendor Assessment.

Engagement: Independent IT Review and Vendor Assessment

Outcome: The report confirmed that the efficiency of the existing IT service delivery model provided a below benchmark service delivery cost, but service sustainability and the organisations agility in responding to new requirements were being compromised. The report identified areas where new investment would improve the sustainability of IT service delivery (thus reduce business risk) while improving the organisations ability to respond to changing user expectations.

Professional Field Services Group

Situation: The organisations existing mobility strategy was not capable of delivering on the available business efficiency improvements and support the growing need to support organisational decision making with real time analytics. Assistance was being sort in identifying the efficiency improvement opportunity through the deployment of a current generation field services mobility platform and what integration dependencies this would have with the existing SAP ERP.

Engagement: Mobility Strategy & Platform Review

Outcome: Identified key platform requirements and integration needs, Developed Business Case and independent recommendation to the board on investment decision.